My Psychic Awakening and How I Use My Gift

Explore the extraordinary journey of Andrea Fortune, from having sleep paralysis in a remote English village to her psychic awakening. Discover her holistic approach as a psychic, integrating spiritual wisdom with diverse healing modalities. Learn about her experiences in Cornwall and Bali, where symbolic moments confirmed her connection to the spiritual realm. Get inspired by her daily spiritual practices and vision for the future of spirituality. Read all about Andrea’s insightful perspectives in this exclusive interview on

From Sleep Paralysis to Psychic Discovery 

What experiences in your early life led you to pursue a career as a psychic? 

My curiosity in the otherworldly began in my early teens when my family moved from the outskirts of London to a small, remote English village. The village was surrounded by scattered farmsteads, ancient woodland and overlooked the valley of the River Medway.


Our house was built on ancient burial grounds and at the top of the road stood an Old Medieval Sandstone church and graveyard, gracefully nestled on a hilltop.  A folk tale tells of the ‘Camp Field’ in Bidborough being where King Harold’s Saxon army slept on the night of 12 October 1066 after many of his army were slayed at the Battle of Hastings. Two yew trees in the churchyard are also said to have some connection with Harold’s stay.

Night time in this new house, when the world was silent and the veil was thinnest, would often keep me awake with psychic phenomena and odd sounds.  Sometimes I would sense an eery presence, fleeting shadows and tapping, clanging, knocking and creaking.

It was around this time that I developed a condition called ‘sleep paralysis’ where my body was unable to move but I was still conscious while in the safety of my bed.  I was paralysed but still able to hear, feel and see, but not talk or yell out.  My heart seemed to stop, there was a buzzing noise, a dizzy feeling and then a sense of my soul leaving my body and floating around my bedroom, up to the ceiling in the darkness.

At first this was scary, but I gradually got used to it.  I secretly began researching the supernatural as often as I could.  This was the beginning of my journey into the psychic realms.   Back in those days, anything to do with invoking spirits, ‘disturbing the dead’ or communicating with the afterlife was considered to be evil or a mental illness, so I was unable to discuss my night-time escapades with my Mum, who was an avid church goer and Sunday School teacher.  I kept my experiences to myself, but regularly engaged in spooky conversations and tales of the unexpected with my classmates at school.  I read as many books as I could find on astral travel, mediumship, psychic phenomena, divination, hauntings and spiritual healing.

At age 16 I left school and became an administrator in a local recruitment company, and my best friend moved to Cornwall in the West Country to run a family hotel.  Although very disappointed that my close friend and confidante had left me, this was an amazing opportunity to visit the land of surf, beautiful beaches and mythical tales.  I jumped on the train from London to St Ives and watched the city skyscrapers get smaller and smaller as the forests and fields took over.   The train sped through the patchwork hills of Somerset sprinkled with sheep grazing like little clouds, past the huge mysterious ancestral temple of astronomical druid stones, Stone Henge, looming at the top of a baron hill and shrouded in mist.  I would sense an electric current in the air, like I was entering a portal into another world as the train progressed into Cornwall.   It wasn’t just the magic and superstition I’d heard of Cornwall, or the tales of witchcraft, mermaids, King Arthur and Camelot, the pirates of Penzance, stone circles, faeries, herbal remedies, High Priestesses and faith healing. I knew there was a reason I was being called there.

It was a serendipitous trip.  I met a white witch who penned me a future forecast, was given books to read on healing, astrology and astral projection, directed where to go with the aid of a pendulum and invited to a clairvoyant demonstration in a spiritualist church.   This was my first official communication with the other side.  The demo began and the demonstrator pointed straight to me in the crowd.  She announced to the audience that I was a ‘chosen one.’  She told me I was born a special child to deliver messages from the other worlds, and that my life would not be charmed but in situations I will always be led out and forwards!’  I was taken aback, but found it slightly amusing.   For the rest of the holiday I warned my friend “don’t mess with me, I’m the chosen one!”  Although I was joking, I secretly sought out more wisdom in the form of psychic readings, predictions, healing and herbs.  I finally moved to the colourful metropolis of London where tarot, astrology, spiritual development and healing courses and were at my fingertips, and my obsession with the esoteric was firmly rooted.

Holistic Psychic Practice 

How does your holistic background distinguish your approach as a psychic in this field? 

I am a true holistic all-rounder.  Although very spiritual, I consider myself a bridge between two worlds.  I have a great deal of experience in the occult ‘the hidden mysteries’ and in Buddhist philosophies but I also have my other foot firmly rooted in health science, western psychology and eastern medicinal techniques.

How do you personalize your range of services to support each client’s unique needs? 

I like to counsel my clients first, find out what they need, then tailor-make an experience to suit their individual needs.  I incorporate psychic readings, reiki, intuitive healing, kinesiology, hypnotherapy and NLP.

How do you forge deep spiritual connections with clients during readings or sessions? 

I take time to really connect in to a person’s heart, emotions, soul, physical body and mind.  I read energy, do photo readings and remote viewing. I connect on a soul level and work with guides of the highest, purest vibration.

How do you align your practice as a psychic with your authentic self and values? 

I always ask the universe to bring me the right people and work.  Sometimes I start to sense stagnation or a feeling that things ‘just aren’t working out.’  This is my signal to start looking for a new venue, soul tribe or area.  Life is not static, it’s constantly moving like a stream.  I refuse to be involved in anything I don’t believe in or value.

How do you engage with the spiritual community through your work and workshops? 

I have worked regularly at exhibitions, markets and events over the years and offer workshops in Reiki 1, 2 and Masters, Psychic Development, Basic Tarot and Advanced Tarot Mentoring.

Who have been your most influential teachers or mentors in your spiritual journey? 

Too many to mention!  I have trained with many amazing worldwide teachers and I’ve read so many books, it’s off the scale!  There are so many inspirational and wonderful icons out there.  I remember one of my first books being “Dead Happy” by Lance Trendall and several books by Ted Andrews including “How to Read Auras,” “How to work with Spirit Guides” and “Animal Speak.” Synchronicity was in play, and the practices described in the books would often happen straight after me reading them.  For example, the book would advise that nature spirits are around if you walk into a spiderweb, and feel it on your face but nothing is there.  Then exactly the same thing would happen as I walked through the garden that morning! I attended a week long retreat at London’s Arthur Findlay College in my early twenties, a stately home left as a legacy by Arthur Findlay to aid in the development of psychic sciences.

Sacred Signs: Symbolic Moments in Psychic Experiences 

What fascinating story can you share from your experiences as a psychic? 

My holiday to the beautiful Ubud in Bali captivated me with lush rice fields, a steaming volcano, bustling roads and mischievous monkeys, but looming overhead was a dark cloud; it was the first anniversary of my Mum’s passing to the spirit world.  Bali is a hindu country and it is an every day ritual to make an offering and blessing to those in spirit. Shops, cafes, hotels and pubs all had altars outside with offerings and incense burning.

My tour guide advised me that to make contact with loved ones passed over, there is no need to go to a specific place as spirits are omnipresent or everywhere.  He also told me to avoid red meat if I want to vibrate on a higher level and receive spirit messages. On my return to the hotel that evening, I stopped at the temple outside and said a prayer to my Mum.

I then asked “If you have heard all this Mum, please show me a symbol tomorrow to confirm it.”  I cleared my mind of all thoughts and the first object that popped into my vision was a bright red bird. Back at the hotel, I explained to my family that Nanny Jackie gave me a message to look out for a red bird today as confirmation that she was with us.

I spent the day looking for birds, but realised the bird life in Ubud was pretty non-existent. The day turned to night and the sky was lit up by fire as the sinking, orange sun descended behind the ocean and I realised it was highly unlikely I would see any birds.

Disappointingly, I decided my message was not going to be validated. Then I noticed my son, Charlie, was pointing at a shadow in the sky, soaring then gliding in the last embers of the night.  “What is that?” I asked. “It’s a big red bird” Charlie, replied. I focussed my eyes on the object.  It was indeed a red bird.  Not real – a red kite, painted as a bird, but enough for me to accept as confirmation!

I was excited to tell my Dad in England about my experience in Bali, and I loved his reply: “Red kites are British birds.  They are so rare that the last few were taken into captivity before they became extinct.  They were reintroduced back into nature recently and me and your Mum actually saw one on our holiday to Wales last year.”  Wow!  What a powerful sign that my Mum was around us.

Path to Inner Peace: Daily Spiritual Practices 

What daily habits do you recommend to nurture spiritual growth and connection? 

Every morning, think of three things you are grateful for, no matter how small or simple. Meditate, even if it’s only for 5 minutes on what you need to know.  Then do a body scan, what do I need to do today, and what does my body need?  If you are feeling stuck, set some intentions to get the law of attraction on your frequency and if you are unsure of what you need, do a tarot card or oracle card and reflect on it. Notice synchronicities and meaningful coincidences as you go about your day, and notice any blocks – that means it’s not for you.

What recommendations do you have for individuals who are navigating their own spiritual awakening or journey? 

Practice, practice, practice!

How do you maintain your spiritual balance and well-being when you’re not engaged in your work as a psychic or counselor? 

A perfect combination of:

  • Solitude
  • Laughter
  • Exercise
  • Socialising
  • Nature
  • Rest
  • Dancing
  • Music
  • Pets

The Path Ahead: Spiritual Evolution in the Modern Age 

What upcoming spiritual or energetic transformations do you believe will shape our future? 

As long as it isn’t misaligned, I feel AI is steering us towards our intended goals, preferences, and ethics, which will help us connect with our higher selves, because we have no option to unless we go completely off grid.   We already have robots doing a lot of the manual work i.e. virtual assistants, live chat, computerised checkouts, sushi restaurant conveyer belts, QR codes and even in Japan, robots on hotel receptions!  Once we have been made ‘redundant’ after all the chaos and distraction with technology, surviving, money and industrial matters, we will have more time to spend meditating and once more return to our telepathic abilities.

Our planet is becoming so contaminated that someone will develop a type of energy that will mean we no longer rely on exhausting its resources.  We won’t need to eat animals, crops and sealife or mine because this energy will sustain us and we will require less sleep.  This will in turn stop the food chain and we will all become connected sentient beings, including plants, animals, insects and humans and not need to kill each other to survive.   I feel we are becoming more compassionate and aware of the importance of our holistic health and our true souls.  Greedy businesses governing us in the guise of ‘helping us’ will eventually fall as people become more aware that they are set up purely for profit, not for the greater good.

What are your thoughts on the future of spirituality and psychic work, and how do you foresee your role evolving in this dynamic field? 

I am so excited as I believe we are all waking up and realising our innate gifts.  We no longer need to be in survival mode and can relax into being the person we were always meant to be.  Being YOU is spiritual!