3 Words to Eliminate to Heal Your Anxiety

The words we use and how they can affect our anxiety are so important and under-rated. Bruce Lee famously quoted that “words cast spells and that’s why they’re called spelling.” What is for certain is that our vocabulary can actually contribute to our anxiety identity. Well, I’m here to banish that for good! By swapping disempowering words with more empowering ones, we can give our healing a supercharge! Let’s explore three key words that we should avoid saying at all costs: “try,” “but,” and “hope.”

When we say “I’ll TRY to do it,” we’re setting ourselves up for failure because we’re not fully committing to the task. To use the word “commit” instead means we are showing perseverance and will to succeed. Just by switching that word over, we are making a huge step in our healing journey.

The second word that sabotages us is “but.” When we talk about something we want to achieve and add “but” on the end, we create a block and leave to door open to a curve-ball. By replacing “but” with “and” we are acknowledging the multiple opportunities and opening up possibilities instead of shutting them down. This can make a big impact on the potential growth we can make.
The last word to slay from our conversations is “hope.” When we say hope, we are welcoming passive procrastination. Let’s swap that word for “believe.” To believe in ourselves we are taking responsibility and control over our anxiety and building up confidence to tackle life’s obstacles head-on. Our words have such power on our reality!

By changing our language we are encouraging a life that is anxiety free. You’ve got this!