Are you in a Toxic Relationship?

Are you starting to realise you are in a toxic relationship? During Covid19 and this extraordinary planetary frequency (like no other in history) there is a crack between worlds and the veil is thin, making it easier for us to transform, heal, and release old patterns.

There have been a few delightful Corona love-bird stories but the social distancing rules have forced already unhappy couples to spend long periods of time alone together, often in close quarters without outside distractions. Add the additional stressors of working from home, tighter finances and home schooling in the mix and this may have left some people crawling the walls and planning their escape.

Is your relationship past it’s best-before-date, or is it just going through a challenging time? Below is a list of 10 toxic signs to look out for. How many of these list items are present in your relationship? For each item you could put a check mark against, count up and score yourself out of 10.

Does your partner ever:

• Belittle you?
• Blame you for starting arguments when they did?
• Stop you from seeing friends and family?
• Accuse you of having affairs?
• Control your money?
• Tell you what to wear and even what to think?
• Use a GPS locator on you?
• Access your social media or check your phone?
• Destroy precious belongings?
• Invade your space or follow you?

0 – Great! your relationship is looking healthy
1-3 – This is at the warning stage, keep an eye on things
4-7 – You are definitely in a toxic relationship, time to plan your exit
8-10 – Get out now if you can!

So, if you are in an emotionally toxic relationship or have just left one, but are not sure how to move on, get help as soon as you can. It is never worth sticking in a bad relationship because:

• You are worried about being lonely – you’re preventing yourself from meeting someone better
• You don’t think you will cope on your own – that’s your abuser talking!
• Or that you “still love” your abuser – this is NOT true love, it just feels like it.

Dependency on another person feels a lot like being in love. It isn’t. You need someone to bring out the best in you and sometimes you have to be your own hero first.

Find the strength and the courage to ditch your toxic partner and feel the relief of freedom.

If you need someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to call me for an in-depth consultation on your past, present and future situation, and what to do to bring love into your life. I’m also running an online tarot workshop which can give you the valuable self-empowerment tools you need to make some life-changing decisions.