Buddhist Blessing in Byron Bay

I have just got back from my holiday on the Queensland/NSW border where I had fun jumping in the turquoise waves, watching dolphins jump as high as a two storey house and screaming with terror on some twisting, turning and reversing rollercoasters!


On Friday the air was pale and the grey clouds were gathering in, so I decided to have an ‘indoor day’. I headed up to the lush green hills in my hire car to the magical Crystal Castle and Shambala Gardens in Byron Bay. To get to the castle entrance you walk past a sacred labrynth, along a mysterious winding path and through some beautiful rainforest gardens.


After my tarot reading, I was lucky enough to experience an auspicious visit from the Dalai Lama’s long term translator, The Venerable Gesh Lhakdor from Tibet, who did a talk on patience, happiness and peace.


He explained that in order to be happy, we need to feed our soul and not our senses. We can get trapped in a ‘shopping coma’ as Geshe put it, where our desires are constantly chasing the next gadget or item. Yes, I can relate to this when it comes to fashions and fads. In palmistry I have conic-shaped hands, which makes me impulsive (that’s my excuse anyway!) I try to stay away from ebay as much as possible to avoid getting in a bidding war and regretting it afterwards.


Geshe explained that once the honeymoon is over with our newly purchased item, we need to give our credit card another bashing, which eventually leads to disappointment and debt. My husband will be pleased to know I am reflecting today on feeding my soul and not the retailers!


We were advised that world peace begins with releasing anger and hatred towards our enemies and realising we are learning about patience, which cleanses our karma because we not venting anger back.


It was an interesting afternoon and my soul did feel lighter as I headed back to my hotel.