Intuitive Healing

I am pleased to say I am now a certified Meliae Intuitive Practitioner as from this weekend!  I spent Saturday practicing this healing art and learning about the causes of dis-ease in the body, the two main topics being stress (not going with the flow) and self love (at one with your spirit and loving everything about yourself, warts and all!) I love the vibrant green in this image, reminds me of rolling green hills, lush dew-covered grass and spring smiling as it emerges after winter’s bitter clasp.  It relaxes and energises me at the same time.


Chakras can become blocked or overloaded.  For example, unloved or rejected children often have blocked heart chakras from shutting down as they are scared of more rejection.  Other children suffering from lack of attention may develop an overloaded heart chakra, to compensate for the love missing in their lives they give tirelessly to others and never learn how to receive.  People shut down this chakra often as a form of protection but this can lead to isolation.


It’s hard to believe that having an overloaded chakra is a problem, how can you love too much?  Surely the world would be a better place with too much love being shared around?  The trouble is, if you love too much your chakras are unbalanced and burnt out from all the giving, resulting in low immunity and heart problems.

Loving others without loving ourselves brings on clingy and needy tendencies.  Talk to yourself in the same way you talk to others, be kind to yourself, tell yourself how gorgeous you are looking today and give yourself a wink or a wolf whistle!


Needless to say, people with blocked chakras are scared to get married, while overloaded heart chakra’d people are co-dependent and tend to choose dysfunctional partners.


Anatomy affected by heart chakra

Heart, nervous system, lungs, chest, shoulders and arms

Psychological issues

Giving and receiving love

Balance, compassion, charity

Physical chakra block

Heart and breathing problems (i.e.asthma), chest pain, immunity, depression

Psychological blocks

Withdrawn, cold, impatient, critical, or judgemental, ‘commitaphobe’, lack of empathy

Physical overload

Enlarged heart, low blood pressure, depression, exhaustion, breast lumps

Psychological chakra overload

Martyr, relationship co-dependency, jealousy, self-neglect, always putting others first

Heart chakra therapy

Deep breathing

The colour green – spending time in nature

Time caring for children and animals

Having relationship counselling

Voluntary work

Eating lots of green vegetables and fruit

Making a list of all your qualities

Back bends (opening chest) and yoga


I am taking this on board myself and an exercise I will be doing this week is writing down 20 activities I can do to make my heart sing, and 20 ways I can realistically create this in my life.


For anyone interested in trying Meliae Intuitive Healing, I am offering a FREE TRIAL with every treatment booked until the end of March, just ask when you make your booking.  There is more about Meliae Healing in the ‘Healing’ section of my website.