Intuitive Healing

I had a lovely day doing readings at the Mornington Main Street Market today, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and there was a warm sea breeze flapping gently against the walls of my marquee. 

During breaks between clients, I had a chance to refresh my memory on Anatomy and Physiology in preparation for my Melaia Intuitive Healing Course this weekend at the Flying Souls Institute of Healing in Brighton.  I’m pleased I didn’t have to memorise every bone and muscle in the human body for this course, as that can be a pain in the tensor fascia late!
This weekend will be two whole days of spiritual healing training in a relaxing and nurturing environment, I’m looking forward  to it.
Melaia Healing promotes peace, balance and enlightenment and we will be exploring and releasing what is no longer needed in our lives.  These outmoded belief systems and habits cause stress and unhappiness.  The can be identified as emotional causes of dis-ease to the mind, body and spirit.
I am excited about putting my new skills in to practice and have already applied to do some voluntary reiki and healing at the local hospital.  I’m hoping I can gain some powerful experience whilst alleviating some pain and discomfort to anyone who is suffering.
I’ll also be providing intuitive healing, reiki and chakra balancing from my room at Mark Barkers, 20 North Concourse, Beaumaris.