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“Quiten the mind and the Soul will speak” Ma Jaya Sati Bhafavati

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I am taking my meditations global! I’m excited to be part of a brand new empowering and uplifting health and wellness movement designed to uplift, enliven and support people all around the world, to feel good in body, mind, heart and soul. This global app is called ‘Wow Feel Good Now.’ I will be posting regular articles, videos and other soul-nourishing content including meditations, podcasts, mindfulness rituals, self-care offerings, creative journaling services and therapy tools including EFT Tapping.

Please subscribe and feel good now from the inside out with our holistic approaches to supporting you to feel uplifted and enlivened, no matter what your situation or where you are in the world.

Here is the link: Please subscribe and join the community and enjoy the content created by myself and many other enormously talented and inspiring practitioners, all dedicated to making you feel GOOD.

What Happens When You Meditate?  

My guided meditations bring an altered state of consciousness. Our mind is alert, but relaxed, our racing thoughts quieten. We see more clearly. Our mind and body come into harmony and we connect to our intuition and inner wisdom. You can forget about work, bills, money, health and any other duties and obligations for a whole hour and focus on being still, in a safe place. Breathe deeply, let go. Breathe again and feel the lightness.

When people first begin meditation, they may believe it is impossible to stop this endless procession of intrusive thoughts, but every-one can do it and after a while the thoughts drift by slower and slower and time itself seems to slow down as everything comes to rest.   When we are stressed, upset or angry, our blood pressure and heartbeat rises, we breathe more quickly and shallowly. Meditation slows this down, as does the rhythm of our brainwaves. Our blood pressure drops. This, of course, has positive health benefits and is important for balancing the mind, body and spirit.

This is why meditation is recognized by the medical profession as a useful tool for people with stress, anxiety and who suffer panic attacks and long-term illnesses. Meditation is also safe to use alongside conventional medical treatments.   The genes help fight disease and are more active with regular meditation and our minds are less likely to develop negative attitudes, be snappish, angry or irritable.  Meditation allows us to become more patient and tolerant.   Namaste!

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