Palmistry Tip

Usually your pinky finger is the shortest finger, but this is not the case for everyone. To decide what size that pinky is, look to where it lines up with the Apollo or ring finger. When the top of the pinky finger lines up with the first (top) phalange, of the ring finger, it’s considered long. If the pinky finger lines up with the second phalange or below, it’s considered short.


A dominant pinky fingered person is ruled by mercury (the planet of communication) and to look at these people tend to be short in stature and blessed with a youthfulness radiance. They tend to be brunettes, slender, with expressive hands and penetrating eyes. The men often have thin beards.


Johnny Depp and David Bowie have this trait. Mercurial types can appear androgynous and can be bisexual but might not admit or even know they are.


Michael Jackson was also a Mercurial type. He took on a Peter Pan archetype and created his own, real-life Neverland. This type of person is a very good listener, preferring small musical instruments that require a lot of dexterity.


Health-wise, they need to watch out for their nervous and bronchial systems, headaches, thyroid glands, memory loss, and speech impediments. But the healthy ones can be intuitive geniuses and great judges of character.   In their negative aspect they can be superficial, fickle, nervous and restless and even turn out to be con-men and pickpockets.


Because Mercury is the ruler of communication and known as a trickster, these people are not only excellent with their hearing, but they often found preaching or doing magic performances, using the art of deception to astound their spectators.


They are also great writers, engineers, lawyers, doctors, teachers and accountants.