The Numerological Vibration of 2018








And so it is time to enter into a new year – 2018.  Numbers carry their own unique vibration and next year is a 2 Universal Year, reducing from a master number 11. With the sensitive, emotionally-deep 11 behind this peace-loving 2, you can expect an emotionally-charged year that touches our hearts more than previous years.

Passions take over 2018, which is good when driven by positive forces, but not so great when negative claws are sinking in. Just about anything you can imagine could happen, and probably will.

To prevent 2018 becoming too chaotic, co-operate and co-exist harmoniously with your friends, colleagues and aquintances and help others solve issues and reach goals in a sensitive way. Things should go smoother this year (thank goodness!)  In 2018 practice team work, pulling together, companionship, romance and diplomacy is needed, even in those awkward situations where you feel like giving someone a piece of your mind!

2018 energy is wise, intuitive, charismatic, gentle, harmonious and peaceful.

Here’s wishing you a joyful present and a well remembered past.  I hope this festive season sparkles and shines.  May all your wishes and dreams come true and may you feel this happiness all year round.