We are all psychic!

Are you psychic?

It is my belief that we all are. As Russell Brand says “we all have access to daily infinite realms of power if we choose to tap into it.” It is our natural birth right and is just a matter of trusting, finely tuning our sixth senses and by practicing flexing our psychic muscles!




I started my 20 year spiritual journey with the tarot, so I like to have a tool when I’m doing my readings; whether it’s cards, photographs, objects for psychometry, palms or numbers.

These act as portals or triggers that enable me to see the bigger picture. I also rely on my hunches to tell me if something is positive, negative, right or wrong.

To test your intuition, ask yourself these questions:
Have you ever had a hunch that you didn’t follow, and later regretted it because it turned out to be correct?
Do you immediately know when you like someone or not?
Do so-called coincidences and synchronicities keep occurring in your life?
Psychic information can sometimes appear out-of-the-blue and it may not always be appropriate at the time. You may get an answer to a question weeks after the day you asked. It can register in your consciousness at the strangest time, usually when you are having a quiet moment like waking up in the morning, in the shower, driving or standing in a queue.

When you listen your inner voice, choices and decisions seem to flow smoothly. Synchronicities and coincidences seem to take you by the hand and guide you towards your goal. These can be in the form of reoccurrences, symbols, things that surprise you or keep catching your attention, or perhaps strangers you meet all being in sync.

If inner guidance is ignored, stagnation can follow and you will feel like you are on the wrong path and out of balance.


Test To See If You Are Psychic


For the next 2 weeks, engage yourself in things that are uncharacteristically you, things that you’d never normally do. During these test weeks, trust your intuitive psychic abilities completely.

  • If you feel that you’ve always wanted to go somewhere with a friend, even if it’s just a cafe or restaurant you’ve heard of, then ask them.
  • If you feel drawn to call someone you haven’t spoken to for ages, call them.
  • If there’s a place nearby you’ve always wanted to drive to and visit, head there.
  • Is there a book that you always wanted to read, but never went out to get? Get it and try to read it.

Trust your gut instincts and use your sixth sense.

Try this for two weeks and write down any revelations or discoveries you made as a result of following your inner guidance.

This can lead you to recognise how psychic energy flows through you and works! This is tapping in to your natural intuition, so you are living less analytically.

If you would like to explore your psychic abilities more, I am setting up a group that will meet on a Monday from 12 pm – 3 pm once a month to practice various techniques to unveil this mysterious gift we all have, if we choose to trust it.

Go for it and enjoy your insights!