What to Expect in 2023

And so we head into a new year with a new sense of purpose! Numerogically, 2023 (a 7 year) has an aura of discovery, intuition and compassion as we search for new ways to understand ourselves and the world around us. There may be a broad scale upheaval that changes our world for the better. Number 7 is associated with Neptune and in Ayvedic astrology, the “shadow planet” Ketu. Both are deeply connected with spiritual enlightenment and intuition and number 7 assists elevation, makeovers, upgrades and a need for answers. The seventh house of astrology is Libra, encouraging us to help and uplift ourselves and others. Mysticism, Innovation and discovery are also connected to this number and personal attributes such as forgiveness and benevolence are more likely to surface and there will be an air of compassion. This bodes well for collective curiosity and open-mindedness from a society scarred with division and conditioning after recent events.

According to Chinese astrology we are about to enter into the year of the Water Rabbit. Rabbits are gentle, quiet, elegant, alert, quick, skilful, kind, patient, responsible and faithful. The gentle and amicable water rabbit is said to adjust readily to different conditions, but tends towards a weak mindset and principles. To avoid giving up or procrastinating like a water rabbit, work hard, finish what you started, focus, be determined, encourage others and take responsibility where it’s due.