Pet Readings

What is Animal Communication?

Animals have personalities and are souls that need nurturing, just like us in the human world.  They have favourite places, food and pass-times, as well as dislikes and phobias from past traumas.  Animal Communication is all about listening to our animals with our sixth sense.



How does it work?

Telepathy is used during an animal communication session, on an emotionally energetic level. Through an exchange of sensory information such as emotions, pictures, sounds and smells and tastes, the animal communicates with me.

How does it benefit us?

  • You learn how your pet thinks and about it’s personality
  • You may discover the root of a problem or behaviour & how to resolve it.
  • You may discover their likes and dislikes
  • You may discover what action they want you to take


This technique can also be used to find lost pets too.

Each communication is unique and tailored to the needs of you and your animal.

Does the animal need to be present?

No. I can work with photos and emails.


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