Psychic Development


Sometimes to receive, you must let go and believe! Join me on a six week journey to unlock the psychically aware part of you that is lying dormant.  If you want to get clearer with your readings or just about yourself, this is for you!


Next Course Starts Saturday 8th June 2024, from 1.00 pm – 3.00 pm.
Online via Zoom or in person in at Wildsoul Wellness, 32 Crown Avenue, Mordialloc



Preoccupation with media and technology has shut down many people’s sixth senses and made them so busy that they easily miss or block the messages, meaningful coincidences and synchronicities that are there like an elephant in the room!  We all have an innate ability to see, hear, feel, know and even taste messages from the universe and our guides.  Trusting is a big part of this.  During these sessions we will protect ourselves and call in our spirit team, as we start to tap into our hidden wisdom.  This is a nurturing, safe and compassionate space that will allow you to experiment and explore, and mistakes will not be judged as they are the best learning curves

Life is so much more enhanced by seeing beyond our physical existence, seeing and believing the hidden messages and learning to be.  When you are psychically aware,  you will instinctively know what decision to make, who to fall in love with, where to travel to, what to avoid, which teacher to work with and what career path to follow.  All you need is an open mind, an enthusiastic approach and an open heart.  We will use many different tools during this six week programme including tarot and oracle cards, scrying, channelling, automatic writing, mediumship, photo readings, psychic detection, to name but a few.

Some of the benefits of being psychically aware:

  • You instinctively know what/where/how/when and who!
  • You feel lighter and brighter
  • You have a magnetic quality
  • People love being around you
  • You see yourself as equal but enlightened
  • You know that healing and learning is an eternal process
  • You’re grateful for the small things and what your lessons teach you
  • You understand the actions of others is nothing to do with you
  • You’re unique and celebrate your “weirdness” or “differences”



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