Acknowledging & Healing Your Wise Inner Sage With The Tarot

Does your heart feel like it’s keeping something frozen?

The fear of discomfort is a mask.  Thinking about the discomfort doesn’t really resolve the issue, but FEELING it does. That doesn’t mean going on facebook, drinking a bottle of wine or binging on Netflix to shut up your inner chatter!

Avoidance breeds anxiety, so pull that mask off when you’re at home, FEEL that feeling and let that that feeling be your wise teacher.  Your inner Wise One will show you how resolve and release what is troubling you.

Today reflect on what is going on within you. Is there something making you anxious? Are you dulled, numb, or frozen? Are you prepared to change that?

The lamp of your inner Hermit can, and will guide you out of darkness every time if you allow it.