The Hermit’s Journey

Does your heart feel like it’s keeping something frozen?

The hermit card in the tarot card is standing on an icy precipice, reminding us that the fear of discomfort is a mask.  Thinking about the discomfort doesn’t really resolve the issue, but FEELING it does. That doesn’t mean going on facebook, drinking a bottle of wine or binging on Netflix to shut up your inner chatter. Avoidance keeps us anxious.  Allow yourself to FEEL that feeling and let that that feeling be your wise teacher.  Your inner-teacher will show you how resolve and release what is troubling you when you reflect on it.  If you find this tarot card boring with the grey wilderness, cloak and solitude, you are focusing on external distractions for escapism and entertainment and suppressing your emotions.  It’s about not being lonely when you are alone. If you dislike your own company, what is it about yourself you dislike?

As an archetype, The Hermit is an intelligent sage and occasional sorcerer, representing creativity, knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, guidance, a connection to nature and mysticism. The hermit self-isolates and goes within to soul-search. He has been present in ancient mythology and continues in modern times.  He holds a lantern, a symbol for illuminating what is dark or hidden.  Like the philosopher reflecting at the lake, or the wise-woman hibernating in her wooden cabin in the forest, the hermit is a metaphor for withdrawing from the hustle and bustle to contemplate and process.  It could be time for a retreat, pilgrimage, study or quiet night in with no distractions.

He can represent a need to find a mentor or counsellor to help you on your journey, either online, in books or in person.  Firstly, find a system that resonates.  Listen to the wisdom or read their words and if their philosophy resonates, you have found your guru!  Or perhaps you have reached a stage in your life where you can be an influencer, you-tuber, writer or therapist with all the knowledge you have to impart.

Today reflect on what is going on within you. Is there something making you anxious? Are you dulled, numb, or frozen? Are you prepared to change that? The lamp of your inner Hermit can, and will guide you out of darkness every time if you allow it.

I am a tarot reader and run regular workshops in Aspendale and online, on how to incorporate this fascinating form of self-empowerment and discovery.  If you are seeking answers, the tarot has stood the test of time and is here to stay.  Feel free to reach out by clicking this link: