Celebrating Being Average

We are all worthy of abundance, health, luxuries, clarity, laughter, forgiveness, wisdom, confetti, love, and authenticity. Because being YOU is divine. That means being your whole self, even the parts you’re ashamed of, dislike or consider might be “wrong.” Being yourself promotes freedom, transforms your mind, banishes limiting beliefs and opens your heart. By allowing your curiosity to become your passion, and your passion to become your purpose, you will be the real deal and your ego will shed. And by the way, being spiritual doesn’t mean you have to be serious, start fasting, get rid of your possessions and become celibate. You can be as fearless, feisty and real as feels right for you, and as you inspire others with your modern truths, you will become open to receiving even more abundance.

Successful people who consider themselves to be a fake often attribute their achievements to luck, good fortune, karma or external influences.  Not giving yourself credit and having a core belief that you are a fraud may mean you have imposter syndrome.  Perfectionism keeps you in the fast lane and may disconnect you from the people you genuinely resonate with.  I’ve learnt that sometimes when things don’t work out, it’s because they’re not supposed to and something better is just round the corner.  Some mistakes take us to the right place.  Living in an overly-competitive environment or being under constant pressure can result in perfectionism and neuroticism, which leads to not feeling worthy, even if you are getting off-the-scale results.  I once met someone who wasn’t happy unless she got 100% every time in her exams, which was an incredibly challenging bar to set herself and meant she was constantly in fight or flight mode and anxious about the future.

Psychology Today says that around 25 to 30 percent of high achievers may suffer from imposter syndrome and seventy percent experience imposter syndrome at some point in their life.  It’s not much fun if you can’t celebrate your achievements, no matter how mediocre. You don’t have to continue to be confronted with “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” lessons any more, let’s ditch the victim-mentality and quieten the inner critic, overcome imposter syndrome and embrace your unique super-powers.My approach incorporates scientifically backed principles of modern psychology and counselling with time-tested Buddhist techniques, merged with what I have learnt from some of the world’s most renowned teachers, my humble life experience and travels, challenges, curveballs, mistakes, achievements and connections.  The Buddhist appoach isn’t anything to do with religion, but a philosophy that encourages training your mind to see the positives, detachment, releasing grudges and seeing the world as a collective consciousness. I have a light-hearted approach and see the silver linings in the clouds.

Making concrete plans, expecting some inevitable hiccups and talking about your feelings are all ways to conquer this mindset.  If you are in the Bayside area of Melbourne, I am a Solution Focused Counselling located in Aspendale – so don’t hesitate to reach out.  Click here for contact details: www.andreafortune.com.au.