Getting Your Spiritual Sass On!

We are all worthy of abundance, health, luxuries, clarity, laughter, forgiveness, dancing, wisdom, confetti, love, and authentic spirituality. Because being YOU is spiritual. That means being your whole self, even the parts you’re ashamed of, dislike or consider might be “wrong.” Being yourself promotes freedom, transforms your mind, banishes limiting beliefs and opens your heart. By allowing your curiosity to become your passion, and your passion to become your purpose, you will be the real deal and your ego will shed. And by the way, being spiritual doesn’t mean you have to be serious, start fasting, get rid of your possessions and become celibate. You can be as loud, avent garde and entertaining as feels right for you, and as you inspire others with your modern truths, you will become open to receiving even more abundance! My work incorporates scientifically backed principles of modern psychology and counselling with time-tested Buddhist techniques, merged with what I have learnt from some of the world’s most renowned teachers, my humble life experience and travels, challenges, curveballs, mistakes, achievements, #mumlife and epiphanies. I have a light-hearted approach and see the silver linings in the clouds. You don’t have to continue to be confronted with “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” lessons any more, let’s ditch the victim-mentality and quieten the inner critic, overcome imposter syndrome and embrace your unique super-powers.