Mantras For A Miracle Mindset

Once you are in the miracle mindset anything is possible!  Visualisation, affirmations and mantras can be a powerful conductor if you feel like you are treading water and about to drown.

Our world is so fast-paced and disposable these days that most of us are in a constant state of habitual internet scrolling & dating ADD.  To survive this, it’s vital to be heart-centred and dig deep over scratching the surface. We must continually live-and-let-live, assassinate blocks to our success, “big-up” ourselves and constantly remember our strengths.  It’s very easy to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to superficial AI icons. Using mantras and meditation to keep sane amongst the chaos is important.  This is not a quick fix!

Life is for living, so if you are suffering with feelings of guilt, anxiety, shame, hatred, imposter syndrome, not believing you’re good enough, attractive enough or clever enough, zap those unhelpful thoughts and be bold being you, flaws included, as these are your unique traits.  Embrace your flaws with a sense of humour, when appropriate, to help others feel less anxious.  If that means being loud, free-spirited, eccentric or out-of-the-ordinary then go for it!

An article published by The Law of Attraction Stats & Facts 2022 says that Olympic sports athletes such as Michael Phelps, Allyson Felix, Ronaldinho and Lindsey Vonn use positive visualization on a daily basis. Since Soviet research began to validate their beneficial impact on performance in the seventies, 70-90 percent of Olympic athletes now practice visualization methods, also known as “imagery,” because it gives concrete results. Researchers from all over the world now conclude that properly performed visualization techniques may improve motor skills, grow muscle strength, decrease anxiety, increase self-confidence, and improve concentration.

Reconnect with your heart instead of being trapped by habits of your conditioned mind. This will activate your innate superpowers and enable you to redesign your life, transforming your internal landscape and inspiring others to do the same. If you are thinking “that’s impossible, I’ll never change” then get into the habit of doing mantras every day, as often as you can.  Your words are your wand!  The law of attraction works with frequency and vibration, so as you start to believe the incantations you are repeating, the universe will send opportunities your way. Remember to say “YASS!” when faced with a miracle, it’s your job to accept and own the challenge to master of your own destiny. This takes courage!  Here are some examples of sassy mantras you can repeat often to start evolving:

  • I am winning at life
  • May the bridges I burn light my way
  • When in doubt, I wing it. I take the plunge and trust it will be OK
  • I inhale the good and exhale the crazy
  • When I laugh, the world laughs with me
  • I embrace my weirdness
  • I let that shit go!
  • Today I will be the person I was too lazy to be yesterday
  • If cauliflower can be a steak, I can be anything! (Life is flexible and being humble versus a diva wins people over in the end)
  • I have the courage to ask
  • I am brave enough to upgrade and be a new version of myself


We all are born into life with lessons.  Some call this karma, but we are in the driver’s seat and can navigate ourselves onto a different path by manifesting positive outcomes.  Waiting for destiny to dictate really leaves everything in the hands of the Gods and means we have no choice and we are allowing ourselves to be driven by our unconscious.

Healthy and unhealthy seeds blossom in your karmic garden and you are the landscape gardener, architect and designer.  You can water the seeds and weed out anything that doesn’t belong in your sanctuary. Life is just one big dance of light and shadows, and the key is to ebb and flow with it.  We need the shadows so we can see the light. Being generous with our time, material assets and effort actually gets us out of the scarcity mindset and creates more abundance. A good question to ask yourself regularly is “how can I be of service to others?” It’s surprising how everything can align if you trust and follow the path of your heart and soul, even if it seems scary or uncertain at first.

If you take on a miracle mindset (believing anything is possible) you will discover your mind has fewer worries and you enjoy being in the present moment, no longer clinging to an outmoded past or fearful of the future. Life’s highs and lows will always be there, but they don’t stick for too long.

Do you want to become proactive, not reactive? Energised at being aligned with your essence and no longer the victim of your self-fulfilling prophecies of being second-best?  I am an NLP Master and Hypnotherapist and can help you visualise and start creating your ideal life.  Click here for more details: