Meaningful Signs and Symbols

The universe is whispering to you.  There are messages in the birdsong outside your window, on the formation of clouds in the sky or in your coffee cup, on the waves crashing against the shore, on the billboards you see as you walk through the city, on the lyrics of songs that spontaneously appear on the radio and in the dreams we have while we are asleep.  These messages give us a powerful insight of who we are and what our direction is.

Indigenous cultures have always known how to interpret these powerful messages, but with our pre-occupation with media, technology and stress in the Western World, we have become more and more unaware of our connection to the earth and from our own intuition and magic. The earth has unlimited wisdom to share with us if we listen and wants to help us make the right choices for ourselves and our communities.  In this time of great change it’s important to listen to planterary consciousness so we can interpret its important information and reflect on ourselves and the world.  These can be tiny signs that can almost be missed as well as big bolts from the blue.

I invite you walk through your day with eyes wide full of the wonder of a young child. Our conditioned, analytical brains are always at the ready, dying to talk us out of a premonition and rule out our sense of mystery. Let that go. The more you consciously look, the more you see. Spiritual practices are about curiosity and trusting yourself. Listen—the Universe is talking. One of my favourite ways to get a sign to start off my day is by looking for patterns in the curtains or the knobbly paintwork on my ceiling.  I see a sign every morning, but each morning there is a different symbol waiting for me to interpret it, and I never see the same one more than once. Three more signs to look out for are:

Animals and Plants

A fox appears from an abandoned ally way and stares at you for a second too long.   You walk into a spider web and feel it on your face, but nothing is there.  A cat walks across your path and stops you from walking into the road, just as a car spins round the bend at break neck speed. A butterfly lands on a page of the book you are reading. You smile as the vibrant butterfly rests on the words and you stop to take in what the words say. The sun shines directly onto a solitary flower, which happens to be your late Mum’s favourite bloom.  Or you dream that a grizzly bear is chasing you through the woods and no matter how fast you try and run, you’re in slow motion.  Animals have different historic and cultural meanings and associations,  i.e. birds represent freedom and reptiles, the oldest living creatures on earth, can mean eternity and longevity.


Synchronicities are another tool for connecting to your intuition.  Have you ever thought about texting someone to ask them a question, and then they call you?  Or perhaps a song is playing at the shopping centre that has the exact lyric you needed to hear at that moment. Maybe you are contemplating studying, then a bus drives past with a university advertisement on it.  I once asked the universe for a sign to bring more prosperity into my life and that afternoon, while driving to pick my son up from school, an ad came on the radio requesting people to take part in a study that was paying thousands of dollars!


Dream decoding is an ancient practice, and there are varied cultural meanings attached.  For example, if you dream that all your teeth fall out and you are left with only gums, it could mean that you need to have a health check or start paying more attention to your wellbeing.  Notice what you feel like when you wake up and what sensations are in your body.


When I am soul coaching clients, I encourage them to use these universal metaphors to help guide them through life.  When we stop to smell the roses we appreciate and recognise the beauty of life.  If you would like to find out more, feel free to contact me by following this link: