Channelling Your Higher Self for Answers

Everyone has access to the higher realms for inspiration, guidance and creativity, including you! Allowing yourself to be filled with this energy is so light and rejuvenating that people may wonder what your secret is! We are all extensions of source energy, and when we raise our vibration, cleanse lower frequencies and allow source energy to flow through us we feel so light, bright and alive. Once we release the need to have control, restrictions, ego and inhibitions we can decide which stream of consciousness to channel, it’s like being a radio and tuning in to a certain frequency.

“Channeling” has a lot of definitions, from deeply understanding a particular person or idea (‘she is channelling Eleanor Roosevelt’), to feeling as though you have uncluttered your monkey-mind to the point of connecting directly with your higher self, someone else’s higher self, your inner child, your future self or your shadow self, being the more primitive and unconscious part of you. You can also channel past-lives as Psychiatrist, Brian Weiss, discovered when his clients started going back to different historical eras under trance.  Channelling can be done through automatic writing or speaking.  I once saw Erkart Toll on stage and his speech was about two hours long.  He didn’t hesitate once, look at one flash card or have any cues, it was as though he was directly channelling from somewhere or someone.  There are many citizens of the earth that have channelled information from higher realms to get information about how the universe works, the future and other transformational information, most famously Ester Hicks and Dr Joe Despenza.

“Higher Self” has a wide range of definitions, from a pure part of your subconscious, closest to your soul, to a higher version of your self on another dimension, that can guide you. Not getting in your own way and detaching from your ego helps you to be a clear a channel.  If you find yourself speaking clearly and articulately about the universe, time, everyone’s value, synchronicities or something meaningful and truthful (not traditions, doctrine or narratives) and you haven’t researched or studied it before, then you are probably channelling and you are being super-natural (something that can’t be explained by science.)

Take a moment to be still, do some deep breaths and allow your mind to empty.  Ask a question such as “who am I?” or “Why am I here now at this time?” or “What am I here to do?” If you are aware of a train of thought that seems abstract and all-knowing or you start to journal without having a conscious strategy, you are probably having a conversation that’s removed from your human experience.  Your higher self will only give you information you’re ready to hear and it has your best interest at heart. Trust the process, be patient, go with what you’re getting and don’t talk yourself out of the information that is being presented to you.  Practice makes perfect! Here are some more questions you could ask to start understanding yourself and your mission in life:

  • What do I need to know?
  • What is my true calling?
  • What steps do I need to take to align with my purpose?
  • What past experiences are teaching me and how can I apply them to my future?
  • What limits me, and what can help me break through this limiting belief?
  • What is the best next step for me to take?

A Pew Research Centre survey in the USA in 2023 found that 70% of American citizens consider themselves to be spiritual in some way and that:

  • 83% of all U.S. adults believe people have a soul or spirit in addition to their physical body.
  • 81% say there is something spiritual beyond the natural world, even if we cannot see it.
  • 74% say there are some things that science cannot possibly explain.
  • 45% say they have had a sudden feeling of connection with something from beyond this world.
  • 38% say they have had a strong feeling that someone who has passed away was communicating with them from beyond this world.
  • 30% say they have personally encountered a spirit or unseen spiritual force.


That’s an overwhelming amount of people who believe we aren’t just here for this short lifetime to disappear in a puff of smoke, never to see seen or heard of again!  And with AI and algorithms filtering or sending you more of what you are expressing verbally or by social media, it’s an important time to be yourself.

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Spirituality Among Americans