Channelling Universal Knowledge To Get Your Answers

I’ve had some insightful evenings facilitating automatic writing in my time. Everyone has access to the higher realms for inspiration, guidance and creativity, including you! Allowing yourself to be filled with this energy is so light and rejuvenating that people may wonder what your secret is! We are all extensions of source energy, and when we raise our vibration, cleanse lower frequencies and allow source energy to flow through us we feel so light, bright and alive. Once we release the need to have control, restrictions, ego and inhibitions we can decide which stream of consciousness to channel, it’s like being a radio and tuning in to a certain frequency. You can channel messages from your higher self, your shadow self, your child self, someone else’s higher self, another being in the universe, a spirit guide, your soul family,
ascended masters, a ghost in your house, a deceased loved one or a past life (reincarnation). Start writing and it will become natural and effortless as your own thinking gets out of the way. This form of channelling is often practiced by artists and authors and can be subconscious. I found this particularly helpful when writing a eulogy for my Auntie’s funeral, and the words flowed.

One time when practicing I chose to receive messages from my shadow self (the primitive side of my nature) and got some fascinating answers about my perceptions, realities and what I am attracting in my life. This way of getting the answers you need is available to anyone. If you’d like to learn how to do this please see my website for details about my next Psychic Development Course, in person or via Zoom.