Negative Entities

Negative energies, such as attachments, cords, entities, and psychic attack are all possible if your energy is low from illness, stress, injury, depression or a toxic environment.  These sometimes emerge during my reiki sessions in the form of blocks and patterns. Empaths (highly sensitive people) can perceive emotions and motivations of people.  They can also mistake these perceptions as their own feelings and wonder why they are feeling the way they are. They are very perceptive of the emotions and underlying motivations of others, have a keen intuition and are often told they are being “too sensitive.”  They may also have more extreme symptoms such as fatigue, mystery illness, identity issues or feeling out of control from taking this on board. Encountering people full of revenge, hate, pessimism or anger can cause an empath to take on the same feelings, especially if they are going out of their way to understand the other person. Releasing this energy is important as holding on to it can impact your health and well-being, both energetically and by manifesting itself in the physical body.  I scan the energy field and focus on a weakness in the energy field. This strengthens the aura so that any future attachments will bounce off.

A good practice to get into on your healing journey is to uncover any conscious and unconscious misconceptions around what is evil, causes you to be vulnerable, and impressions that have stuck from watching scary movies spirit possession and hauntings.  Once you make sense of what has spooked you, you can ensure you no longer let it have a hold.   By not being the “victim” you are not giving permission to be a magnet to such entities.  If you believe you have been cursed or that you are attracting a constant flow of misfortunes, this as a sign you are on the wrong path and destiny is intervening. Occasionally I am asked if I do curse or hex removal.  A curse is wish that some form of adversity or misfortune will befall or attach to someone, a place, or an object.  There are historical tales of curses wreaking havoc on whole communities in the form of illness, tragedy and natural distasters, and of boats eternally sinking, like ‘The Curse of The Black Pearl’ in The Pirates of the Carribean.  As a strong believer in karma, I only believe this could aspire if it was strongly warranted and deserved. If someone wishes you ill, you can generally pick up their dark energy and distance yourself from them. Supernatural forces cannot cause you downfall unless you believe this is going to happen to you and manifest it.  Believe you are deserving of the best and any ill wishes will backfire like a recoil richochet!

Visualising a column of light that has both a vacuuming and an infusing effect on the body and energy field helps to set the intention that you are not available to be impinged upon by outside forces of a lower vibration. Every day we are exposed to positive and negative energy influences. Some are a result of habitual thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviours as a result of conditioning. Others are environmental from our interactions with people, communities,  environmental sources such as weather, sound/noise, chemicals, toxins, water and food quality.  I often feel negative energy in certain pubs, gamboling rooms and dingy streets or hotel rooms.

Shamans in West Africa believe mental illness signals “the birth of a healer” and some mental disorders are spiritual emergencies, which are a catalyst for change so the healer can emerge.  They see these signals as good news from the “other world” that a medium has been chosen to give messages from the spirit realms, and the mental disorder is bringing attention to the two energies merging into the same field.  Shamans in South America see the soul as fragmented and perform soul retrieval, where the soul re-enters the electromagnetic field and restores the person’s spirit.

Empathy is a gift, not a curse and it helps you connect and bond deeply with others. The key to being empathic without the negative side effects is to maintain a strong sense of self, set boundaries and remind yourself often that you are a beacon of light that shines through the darkness and brings sunshine to all that come into contact with you.

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