Keeping Negative Entities At Bay

Today is Halloween, so what better day to be writing about negative entities, spooky influences and things that go bump in the night?
The radio conversations on my journey to work were all about hauntings, visitations and unexplained metaphysical phenomena, so it was no surprise when my first client of the day needed an entity removal.  Spirit intrusions or psychic attacks really can occur if your aura is damaged.  The hole in the aura is literally a portal to lower vibrational energies, looking for a host to feed off.  They are stuck in the ‘middle world’ and you can literally become its inhabitant.  They tend to look for someone with similar personality traits, so they feel at home.  These little pests can wreak some havoc if left to their own devices.

I’ve always believed that karma is the main contributor to our obstacles and challenges.  Sometimes karma needs to be cleansed between two souls because of past life issues, but generally if our actions (driven by intentions) are pure, then the future consequences are positive.
But what if you’ve cleared your karma like a ninja-warrior, but you still have negative unexplained emotions?  These could be weaknesses, addictions, constantly needing to sleep, anger issues, physical pain, sceptisism, not taking responsibility, delusions, loneliness or attracting damaging relationships like a magnet.
Where do these entities come from?
When someone dies, their various layers of psychic energy (Astral Body) begin to shatter and the low vibrating parts can break up into chunks of energy, which retain individuality and free will. 
The soul of the person must free itself from all low vibrating psychic energy or Astral substance before it can ascend into the higher dimensions, where it prepares for the next incarnation. 
The Astral body is basically the mind and emotions of the incarnate person. While alive, the Astral body experiences emotional scars, for example, when a child is neglected and feels alone in the world.  If these feelings of loneliness continue with other negative scars, they gather together and create toxic personality traits. An obvious trait would be an addiction to alcohol or drugs. 
It is not just the addiction, but the feelings which lead to the continued desire for alcohol. Another obvious trait is neediness or dependency in a relationship.  Both these traits are located in the Astral body of the individual (not a part of the soul.)   While alive, the conflicting parts of the Astral body are held together by its physical body. After death, it begins to break up and can remain as chunks of Astral Substance with their own personality, which we call entities.
Once on their own and disincarnate they need to gain energy from a living being or they will eventually break up and be reabsorbed.   The entity can live for a very long time, feeding off a person’s etheric and Astral energy.
It will also target people with weak energy as it will be much easier for it to infiltrate. People on drugs/alcohol or in emotionally vulnerable states make the easiest targets, so pubs and clubs are a good place for entities to go in search of a new host.
Good ways of strengthening your aura, to avoid being impinged upon, are to keep those batteries charged with regular healings and reiki, wear protective crystals, drink lots of water, eat high vibrational foods, take salt baths and think positive thoughts.

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Happy Halloween!