Qualities of a Genuine Soul Boss

To be authentic, we must accept that we are imperfect and vulnerable. We can edit our photos til the cows come home, but that could be serving ourselves a huge injustice as missing persons, because how will the police find us all if we are Jennifer Lopez on our profile pic, but look more like Sharon from Kath n Kim in real life!

To be a soul boss we must also believe we’re worthy of love and acceptance.  If negative programming has led you to think you must please everyone to stop feeling guilty, then assassinate that sabotage right now!

Stay true to yourself. An authentic person makes us feel at home.  It’s that warm, welcoming feeling of knowing it’s OK to be imperfect and laugh at your mistakes. People trust when they know what  they’re going to get.  They relax and release anxiety, knowing you’re not lying because you are consistent in your beliefs, values and behaviour, even if it might be outlandish!

Avoid being what you think you should be, or what you think others think you should be. I love the Jay Shetty quote that “I am not who I think I am, nor am I who you think I am, I am what I think you think I am!” Let that sink in for a moment.

Don’t be an imitation.  If you are superficial you will constantly have silent imposter syndrome and the law of attraction will send you more confusion and karmic debts. We attract the people and things we want in life when we’re open-minded and receptive. This expands our minds and brings us ideas that add value to our lives. Here are five simple ways to be the real deal:

  1. Be True to You
  2. Think Inward, Look Outward, Listen Carefully
  3. Treat People How You Want to be Treated (Kindness and Respect)
  4. Live in the Moment
  5. Be Open-Minded and Fair with Opportunities and People


The reported happiest man on earth, proven in a neuro-scientific experiment, is 66 year old Tibetan Monk, Matthiew Riccard.  While he meditated on compassion and mindfulness, researchers attached 250 sensors to his skull and were surprised to find that his happiness levels were off the charts!

According to studies by the ‘Be Yourself at Work’ movement, only 24% of people know who ‘the real them’ is and just 16% feel that they can bring their real selves to where they work. However, research shows that when people are themselves at work, their performance can be positively impacted by up to 85%.  It stands to reason that an awareness of your core values and personality is critical in choosing a career that you will be passionate about, which equates to a fulfilling, meaningful life.

Authenticity is more than just a buzzword; it’s a way of living that brings a multitude of benefits, both tangible and intangible. Keeping it real promotes enhanced emotional well-being and improved relationships to career advancement and better physical health.

Go forward and live an authentic life today. Watch as your thoughts, words and actions change and influence the world around you in a bolder, more positive way!

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