The Collective Consciousness & Unconsciousness

The existence of the collective unconscious is a controversial idea. Could this mysterious force control our actions?

The human psyche has been fascinating great thinkers for centuries. Most of us are familiar with the  unconscious, a part of the mind that contains all the thoughts, memories and impulses we are unaware of. However, few people are familiar with the collective unconscious.

The collective unconscious is supposedly the deepest layer of the psyche. This mysterious psychological phenomenon expresses itself through certain archetypes (patterns of behaviour) that arise in us all when we are faced with certain situations. In the deep layer of the collective unconscious are ancient human and animal ancestral memories.  Carl Jung believed that the collective unconscious is the source and expression of all myths and legends such as the hero, the trickster, the prostitute, the tyrant, the saboteur and the wise old man. These archetypes rule, guide, inspire and live through us each day and are present in many different societies and cultures, highlighting a shared psychic space. Art, dreams, rites and rituals in nature also are used collectively.

Then there’s the collective conscious, when we come together with the same beliefs and values and merge into a system that has its own life.  We have a sense of belonging, a common goal, and we are all part of the whole.  When people gather to meditate we are aware of collective consciousness.  By focussing an intention on healing something, the vibration we put out can affect all beings, the earth and even the weather!  It’s a bit like a pebble causing larger ripples on a lake. I wonder if the extraordinary torrential rain we experienced a few summers ago in Melbourne was the effect so many peoples’ wishes for the bush fires to stop.  I remember spinning every wishing wheel at the Great Stupa of Universal Compassion, wishing for rain to fall and extinguish the flames. The Native Americans used rain dances for the very same purpose.

We are powerful spiritual beings, with far-reaching influence.  I have found meditation and Reiki to be a super-effective way to magnify intentions and energy. As you focus sending peace,  healing and love, you feel a healthier, more positive, high-vibing person. You can make a difference in your own life and the lives of others. Just like that pebble, your intention can cast ripples into the human consciousness.

We’re all interconnected, on a level deeper than Tiktok or Facebook and can get answers without referring to google!  How amazing would it be, if we could dramatically transform our minds, our brains, our society and our universe by a sufficient number of people positively influencing it all.  If you have ever been to a Reiki share group, you will know hat I mean from experiencing the benefits of two or three people are working on you at the same time.

I often use archetypes when doing psychic readings for people.  The archetypes show my clients what they are aware and unaware of in themselves, what is driving them and what is likely to happen if they continue on a certain path.  If you are interested in learning about your light and shadow self, I am a psychic reader in Aspendale, please click here for more details: