Tarot Spread on a Mysterious Murder

I have just finished a thought-provoking and page-turning book called ‘5 drops of blood’ by Paul Wilson, which examines the events around the imprisonment of Andrew Fitzherbert, a peace-loving palm reader from Brisbane who ran a spiritualist church and meditation group.   As a psychic reader I often practice remote viewing, tuning into photos and my clairvoyance to locate missing people and pets.

Andrew Fitzherbert was convicted for the murder of Dr Kathleen Marshall, a vet who was found dead at her home vetinary practice with 52 shallow stab wounds in her back, upper body, face and head.  She bled to death on that day in February 1998. Andrew Fitzherbert is the only person in Australian History (and only the third person in the world) to be convicted on DNA samples alone, even though he had an alibi and no motive.  5 drops of blood closely matching his DNA were found on some cardboard at the crime scene, but speculation exists over whether he was really there, or if the DNA was planted or even mistakenly calculated.  Mystery still surrounds this case, and there are still people fighting for his release 15 years later.

I decided to do a tarot spread to see what signposts were shown to me in relation to this as I have been left wondering if justice has been served, or is there a murderer still wandering free?  Tarot cards cannot be used accurately to determine an event such as this, but can be useful on gaining insights.


1.WHO?  Who murdered Kathleen? Page Swords

A young or immature person, perhaps a trouble maker?  Someone impatient to get their point across, perhaps feeling a bit superior but without knowledge and experience.  They could have been feeling defensive about something and was looking for confrontation – they were literally wealding their sword in defence.


1.1 Was it a male or female?  Queen of Cups

A female or deep and sensitive man.  The queen of cups is not very assertive so compensates by feigning illness or sadness.  She’s not always truthful. She’s very aware of others’ feelings and can manipulate this for her own benefit. She can be clingy and put on a charade as a damsel in distress.


2. WHAT?   What happened?  4 Wands

4 of wands suggests Kathleen’s home environment and home vetinary practice had come together very successfully, she had achieved a solid and stable place to work and live from.  Possibly to the point that she caused jealousy maybe?


3.WHEN?  2 cups

This suggests the murder happened when there was a union or coming together of two people who were close in a relationship, a friendship or working capacity maybe.


4. WHERE? 3 Pentacles

We already know the murder happened at Kathleen’s home but the 3 pentacles implies the motivation was work or money related.  Pentacles encompass the material, finances and career.


5. WHY? Tower    

Had Kathleen upset someone?  The tower often rears it’s head when there is a disaster or dramatic upheaval.  Someone was feeling insecure, depressed or disillusioned. Perhaps someone’s ego had taken a bruising and they were on destruction mode.


6. How?  How did this happen?  Ace Pentacles

Perhaps someone’s feathers had been ruffled on a financial level or at a new work decision?


The last three cards I did were:


7. Is Andrew Fitzherbert guilty?  9 swords

9 of swords comes up in a reading when guilt, anxiety or excessive worrying is happening but not built on actual reality.  Andrew would certainly be in despair while he is serving his life sentence in prison but meditation, creative visualisation and keeping a positive mind set whenever possible is crucial for his peace of mind.  All is not as it seems?


8. Could Andrew have been set up in some way?  7 cups

7 cups symbolises mystery shrouding the case and that castles could have possibly been built in the sky.  This card does not have a realistic vibration about it.


9. Who would do this?  8 pentacles

8 pentacles is all about meticulous detail and tirelessly working towards a goal.  Also apprenticeship.  Could it be the criminologists or forensic scientists were still learning about the DNA process and so set on nailing someone that they had tunnel vision.


10. How would that be possible?  King of Wands

The authority in this case was trustworthy but may have been so dead set on finding the murderer they would stop at nothing   They would have had incredible persuasive and moulding abilities on the jury, which could change their views.


The question still remains in my mind, was an innocent man jailed for life?