My Latest Mediumship Escapade

Hello!  Do you like my new crystal ball? I picked this up in an antique shop in Orange County, USA, and I left it in the garden last night under the full moon to charge it up and expose it to all the elements.  I hope it’s ready to assist me.  The first thing I saw in it today was a cat with sunglasses on, I think I need a bit more practice!




I thought I would say a few words on my week with the Tony Stockwell Psychic Academy, as I expect a few will be intrigued to know what it’s like.


The week was spent up in the Dandenong Ranges at a five day spiritual retreat in a country manor surrounded by tall, ancient trees and mist. The days were quite long as we were fully immersed in mediumship from 9am to 9pm, so there was not much time for anything else. The time sped past though and it was refreshing to be away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and completely immersed in a spiritual bubble for so long, I didn’t want it to pop!


This allowed me to devote all my time to spirit, and there must have been quite a few up there, excited to come through and make their presence known. I knew the spirits were working their magic and using me as a vessel because the first 2 nights I only had a couple of hours sleep but I was wide awake and as bright as a button all day long and ready for duty!


There I would be, in my bed at night, snoozing away and boom! I’d be wide awake. If I looked at my watch it was always some time between 3 and 4am, what some people refer to as the ‘witching hour.’


Spirit activity is at it’s most lively at 3-4am and no matter what time zone I have been in over the last few weeks in Hawaii, America and Australia, I am always wide awake and getting philosophical at this time of night. During 3 and 4am, our awareness of the other side is much more pronounced, astral travel and lucid dreaming is at its peak and spiritual activity in the physical world is more prominent. Some say this is when the veil between the two worlds is thinnest but it’s more likely that this is the time we are in our ‘alpha’ state (the meditative, dreamy, warm and fuzzy state that hypnotherapists use) which gives us easier access to the spirit plane and allows us to change our perception. We are not so aware during the day because we are preoccupied.


Spirits were high and emotions were heightened for all the people in my mediumship group.   My first assignment was to get into pairs and bring forward a loved one in spirit to my partner.


“You are going to find this one very difficult” my partner said “because I don’t have anyone close that’s died.”


I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, in my mind’s eye I saw a chocolate labrador running excitedly alongside a river, wagging his tail frantically. I explained my clairvoyant vision and my partner replied that the dog was her pet, who she used to walk every morning in the countryside by a creek.


“He’s telling me that you were very sad when he passed over, and he wanted to you have another dog to love and protect you, so it was him that guided another dog to you,” I told her.


My partner replied that she woke up one morning and opened her front door, and there was a dog sitting there staring up at her with wide eyes. She brought him in to her house and over time, this dog came to live with her permanently and became her new pet!  


This was the first time a message from the animal kingdom had come through for me, but what a beautiful story, it shows that our four legged friends can communicate in the same way as humans and are also looking out for us up there.


I had an old friend that came through from another medium, a few visitations from my Mum and grandparents and a letter from my late cousin, during a scribing experiment. I also learnt about trance, healing and all the sensory perceptions.


Hopefully with a bit more practice I can start to integrate my new skills into my readings and become a true “Mistress of Magic!”