The Judgement Card in the Tarot Deck

My focus over the last couple of months has been on intuitive healing (both myself and others) and this prompted me to write a short piece on the Judgement Card in the Tarot deck. Notice the angel blowing his trumpet and the red cross in the above image, heralding healing and rebirth from guilt and burden. Transformation and inner reflection follows suit if you allow judgement to take it’s course.

Judgment Day is at the moment when everything that is dead or swept under the carpet returns to the Light. If you keep picking the judgement card, reflect on what you can take care of in your past and allow “dead” or suppressed feelings and ideas back to life. Judgement is No 20 in the Major Arcana, so think about what happened 20 years ago in your life and why it is resurfacing now to be exposed to light and healed. This enables a more enlightened existence. 20 years ago, you were a very different person and you can put those past mistakes behind you and move on, a stronger and wiser version of your former self.

This is a path for self-analysis; not to find fault or pin blame, but to fix and correct any raw or open energetic wounds. We need the past to help us avoid a repetition of our mistakes. Those who walk on this road possess the strength to handle any demons they might uncover.

A good affirmation for when you are having a “judgement” moment is: “I am open to wisdom and understanding. I am willing and ready to confront my darkest fears so that I could transform them to my source of light.”

You may even feel a calling – a personal conviction of what you are meant to do.

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