What’s New In Spring

Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung and the sunshine is returning to the Southern Hemisphere, melting away the chill;  time to come out of hibernation everyone!


Hurray for Game of Thrones and all the other TV series that kept me entertained on those chilly winter nights and, of course, where would I be without my ugg boots and electric blanket!


I love Spring with it’s blue sky, the temperature is warm and a lazy breeze is blowing on my face and rustling the leaves in the trees.  Mornings are fresh and the beach is so pretty when I take my dog for a walk.  I love to take of my shoes and feel the sand under my feet. 

The rain still comes but is refreshing and the type of rain you can go and splash in with the kids, or even dance in it if the mood takes you!

The birds are serenading me in the morning, which is the first thing I awake to and starts the day with a chirp!

Time to dine alfresco or if you have time, sit outside and read a nice book with the sun on my face.

The house gets a good airing now, all the windows in the house are open to blow out the cobwebs.  You can smell the freshness, and blast some music!  This is a great time to have a spring clean and declutter.  Like spring, rid the dead wood and prune away what is no longer needed. 

Driving in the car is a delight, I wind the windows down and turn up the radio, opting for the nature trails instead of the highway.

The sleeveless tops and shorts that I had in storage can come out now, and replace my jumpers and cardigans.

The grass is green, the flowers are blooming.


Spring is time for new projects and ventures.  This is what is new with me this month:


  • Clairvoyant readings at South Melbourne’s Night Market, every Thursday
  • Helping out in the shop at Flying Souls, Sandringham
  • Teaching tarot in October and November
  • Selling candles at various fetes and markets leading up to Christmas
  • Now taking bookings for Christmas Parties


And what I am happy to say I am still continuing on with:


  • Offering tarot, palmistry, reiki, healing and massage at Mark Barkers on The Concourse in Beaumaris
  • Travelling with Melbourne’s Psychic Expo
  • Readings at The Urchin Bar’s famous Gypsy Night on the last Thursday of every month

Call 0425206325 for details.


Hope you step into a place to grow, blossom and embrace your true greatness this Spring.