Finding Love With The Tarot

Love is in the air!

I have had quiet a few people asking me for help with finding love recently, which has lead me to create a new “Finding Love” tarot spread, incorporating some lovers oracle cards. This will determine what you are blocking, how you give and receive love and what to release in order to bring love into your life. There have also been quite a few questions about Soul Mates.

A soul mate is someone who is karmically connected to your soul, incarnated to help you learn while you are here. Once the lesson is learned the karma is balanced and you can move on to higher growth. This is a kindred spirit, not necessarily in a romantic sense, someone who understands you, and you can have more than one!

And then there is the concept of the “twin flame” which is a bit different. This is a term developed from ancient mystics and sages, who believe that at the moment of a soul’s creation it was split in two halves, each exploring a different aspect of spirituality or duality. One side is masculine, the other feminine (although you can still have a twin flame if you are in a same sex partnership). A twin flame is essentially the other half of your soul.

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