Contacting Your Spirit Guide


Sometimes the answers we need come from within. Did you know each one of us has at least one spirit guide who offers guidance and support on your spiritual journey? This is an evolved being who has agreed to support your spiritual evolution.


Set aside a quiet, comfortable place for yourself where you won’t be disturbed, close your eyes and set an intent to contact your guide. Then inwardly call them in. Open up awareness to their presence. You may see them, feel them or hear them, or somehow just know they are there. Be still, and ask if they have a message for you. Give your guide a few minutes to communicate allow yourself to receive their guidance. When that feels complete say “thank you” to your guide for their support. Notice how different you feel. Take some deep breaths and then open your eyes. Take a few moments to process the information before moving on to your daily activities. Go for a quiet walk or journal your thoughts.


If you are finding it difficult to make a connection with your guide, practicing in a meditation class once a week will strengthen both your connection and trusting the process.  The door is open to anyone who wishes to enter!