Clearing Karmic Debts

Do you feel like you are experiencing a series of bad luck or are you stuck in a rutt and feeling that life is unfair? As a healer, I am sometimes asked if I can remove black magic or curses. I work on the basis that the negative energy we hold on to is brought about by karma, the law of cause and effect. Every thought, emotion and action we experience is held in our aura and produces an effect.

Karma is energetic balancing. By being aware of the law of cause and effect, we can consciously manage karma and clear our karmic debts.

We can’t control karmic events, but we can control our reactions to them. We can distance ourselves from an event by not judging, but seeing it for what it is, a circumstance with a lesson attached to it. Rise above the circumstances, rather than allowing them to drag you down.

Karma must not be used as an excuse for an unhappy life. The more we focus on love and service, the more we distance ourselves from the events and circumstances.

Think of it as having a karmic bank account. Build up the positive side of your karmic bank account by being of service or giving. If we are incurring debits for some negative karma, it makes sense to even it out with some positive credits.

Find your connection with your higher consciousness, ask for guidance when you are having a quiet moment in solitude. This will bring you a sense of inner peace and pull you up above the drama. Ask for assistance in learning the karmic lesson and in clearing the karma in the most compassionate way.

Trust in the process that divine intervention is at work as you process your karma.

If you are still having trouble with feeling unbalanced, it might be a good idea to book in for an intuitive healing or Reiki, which can help release the negative blocks.