Getting The Best Out of Your Reading

From working at many exhibitions and psychic festivals over the years, I have noticed the occasional disappointment or sometimes confusion on some people’s faces when they are unprepared for their reading and perhaps didn’t get the answers they needed.





I remember going for a reading once hoping to get some closure or information about a family member that was very ill and about to pass over. The reading ended up being solely about my career and I felt like something was missing when the reading came to an end, my job being the last thing on my mind.


To prevent this from happening to you, there are some preparations you can do to make sure you are getting the best possible reading. You are just as equal as your reader in participating and it doesn’t have to be general.


  1. Do your research on your reader


Check qualifications, background, training, style of reading and testimonials on the reader to ensure this is the right person for you. Do you feel this is someone you can trust and divulge your personal information with?


  1. Prepare Yourself for the Reading


Know exactly what you would like to ask ahead of time and write your questions down if you think you might forget them. If you are feeling nervous, talk to the reader about your concerns so that she or he can put you at ease. Avoid yes/no questions and ask opened questions that are empowering and encourage healing. For example, instead of asking “Will my partner ever leave me?“ You will have much more hope and positivity if you ask “what am I supposed to be learning from my relationship?” or “How can I improve my relationship?” Even “What is missing from my relationship?”


See the difference? The second type of questioning leads the way for an in depth exploration of the issue. Which leads me to number 3!


  1. Talk to your reader – Enjoy it!


If you are a stickler for the truth, this may be hard. We all want a reading that is uncannily accurate and not fed off what we have “given away” but this doesn’t require solemn silence. Participate, ask questions, it’s exciting so embrace the experience!  Have fun! If you want to make a connection and discuss openly what the reader is saying with some validation, it’s best to have a two-way conversation. Your reader is then able to look at different angles of what is going on with the situation.


  1. Keep the Energy Flowing


Keeping the energy flowing is important because if it isn’t flowing, it’s like trying to swim when you are stuck in a rip! A good way of keeping the energy flowing is to believe that anything is possible, welcome the unexpected and be open to all possibilities.  A good reader will have set the intention and asked their guides to give you the best reading possible for your highest wellbeing. Be enthusiastic and the energy will be high.


5, Accept the truth


The truth hurts sometimes but if you are going for a reading because you want them to tell you just what you WANT to hear you aren’t preparing yourself for what is a realistic future. If you don’t like what the reader is telling you, work with them to see what the options are or how you could change the outcome/speed up the process into something more pleasurable.

6. Take Notes


If you are like me and have a lot on your mind, sometimes it can be a case of “in one ear and out the other.” If you are prone to forgetfulness, bring a notebook and pen so that you can refer back to over time. Jot down key phrases and points. Refer back to this list and compare notes with other readings that you’ve had. This can help you see if you’ve changed your path or spiritually evolved.


7. Ask for Advice


Go the extra step and ask for advice and inspiration, or even some homework. This means you don’t have to stop your spiritual journey the minute your reading ends; you can keep on exploring.


8. Accept responsibility for your life


The big issue: ‘Fate’ versus ‘Free Will.’ We ALL have free will and a duty to ourselves to be proactive in taking positive actions.


Life doesn’t happen to you, YOU make your life happen.


Pitfalls and problems have lessons attached to them and each lesson learnt is a milestone and makes us stronger. Everyone gets a second chance!


Nothing is set in stone, so take control of your destiny and lead yourself into amazing and wonderful endless possibilities!

Finally – no reading or healing is the same. Things can change from one reading to the next depending on what choices you have made and what energy you are carrying.


Follow those simple tips and your reading should be totally fulfilling and worth every penny. I see myself as a spiritual translator, relaying symbols from the universe with my cards.


It is an honour and a responsibility, and I feel priviliged to share this sacred duty with you.