Spring Clean Your Life!











Clearing energy is something that I teach my Reiki students, and this is something I personally do regularly to myself and my house to get the right vibes happening. At first it may seem a little “out there,” but then what is normal anyway?!


There is a Buddhist quote that says: “If there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation, if there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.” It makes sense that our houses should reflect our inner most desires and be a magical safe haven and sanctuary to our souls if we want to be a positive ray of sunshine!


Spring is a great time to open the windows, let the sunlight and fresh air in to the room to cleanse the energy.


Rooms can hold the energy of all the events, emotions, people, and activities that have taken place in the space (good or bad).


Cleaning away dust is one form of clearing but also detrimental to a healthy home is built-up, stagnant energy which can be the cause of illness, arguments, stress, loneliness or anger. Stagnant energy can prevent us from reaching our full potential by holding past issues, emotions, and old patterns that no longer serve us.


Many cultures recognize that spaces hold energy and perform rituals such as burning incense or smudge sticks, sprinkling water and salt, or ringing bells and striking gongs to cleanse and bless a space. It really doesn’t matter which tool you use—so tune in to yourself and see what tool calls to you. 


Check each room intuitively, reflect on how you feel as you walk into each room and then adjust whatever it is that doesn’t feel right.


Here is a quick ritual you can perform to space clear your home:-


1) Open your front door and as many windows as possible and imagine a wave of light or gentle wind moving or blowing through your home. Then visualize and welcome fresh air, sunshine, and light.

2) Seal the positive energy in your home. Imagine wrapping your home in light. Visualize a string of white golden light and wrap your home like a package with a bow on top. You may also close the rays of light as a shield if you feel a need to strengthen boundaries. Affirm that only peace and love will enter your home.


This is a good first step to take to unblock awareness and get those dreams manifesting, and there are countless ways the universe will provide for you if you are clear on the things you want to create.