My Reiki Research Visit to Tokyo & Kyoto

I just got back from a week in Japan, where I paid a visit to Dr.Usui’s grave and memorial in Tokyo and spent a day climbling and reflecting on Mt.Kurama near Kyoto, where he received his enlightenment.  The picture on the left is of me standing by the memorial stone.



Dr Usui, a Buddhist monk, rediscovered Reiki on Mt Kurama.



After meditating for 21 days, Dr Usui received the Reiki energy, which was like an attunement by nature. The mountain has an ancient esoteric history that dates back a long way before that though.


The temple was built in 700 AD but legend tells of a powerful energy of the moon, sun and earth decending to the mountain from Venus to govern the evolution of mankind over 600 million years ago.


Memorial in Tokyo


The first visit on my Reiki Research map was the Saiho-ji temple in Tokyo.

Dr Usui’s grave and memorial stone stood peacefully amongst the trees and statues.  The only sounds were the occasional crow’s caw and the gentle humming dragonflies. The inscription in Kanji on the stone speaks about Dr.Usui’s life and achievements in the field of Reiki.

  1. The inscription at the top says Reiho Choso Usui Sensei Kudoku No HI. This means Memorial of the Benevolent Usui Sensei, the founder of Reiho.
  2. His common name was Mikao and other name was Gyoho. He was born on 15th August, 1865.
  3. In 1921 he went to Mt. Kurama to meditate and received Reiki.
  4. In 1922 he opened a Training Centre in Tokyo and became very popular.
  5. In 1923 there was a devastating earthquake near/in Kyoto and Dr.Usui offered to help those devastated by this calamity.
  6. A sudden illness struck him and he died on 9th March,1926.


Kurama Mountain

Kyoto still retains a lot of its history and culture as it was the only city that wasn’t bombed in the second world war. Mount Kurama lies a short distance north of Kyoto in a lush valley of green cedar trees.


According to Japanese history, Sonten (or Sanat Kumara) was the first teacher 
on Earth of Reiki.  Legend states that this energy arrived on Mt. Kurama approximately 6 million 
years ago, and many believe the spirit still dwells within the mountain.  Today, high upon Mt.
Kurama, a shrine dedicated to Sonten is daily revered by Buddhist Priests.


The mountain is a whole series of sacred spaces and shrines with different vibrations, connecting to the water, stones and trees. The mythology of the mountain says standing there is a way of connecting to heaven and earth.


I felt drawn to sit for a while, reflect and breathe in the pure air next to the tangled network of tree roots near the Mao-son shrine. The branches reached out to the sky but the roots were deep in the earth. I later found out this is suspected to be the area where Usui meditated for the 21 days. I wondered if Dr Usui might have sat in that very spot, which seemed inviting and nourishing.


I took the time to count my blessings and say a few words at the shrines. My general feeling as I left Kurama Yama was that I had been spiritually rejuvenated in some way, and that my job as a Reiki Master is to promote peace and harmony amongst all cultures from using this healing method.


Mount Kurama



This is me outside the temple at Kurama Yuma, Kyoto.