I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms.  Craving, restlessness, mind working overtime, a constant urge to read, all the classic signs of addiction.  I let it be for a while, but the symptoms didn’t subside. 
After some time, I decided to feed my co-dependency for the psychic sciences by enrolling on a course in numerology with Sara at Life Spirit Connections.  I surprised myself, as Maths was definitely my weak point at school and normally induced me into a spontaneous power nap at my desk during the afternoon in class.
Numerology has quite the opposite effect to double maths with Mr Smith though!  It’s a fascinating tool that has been studied for over 2,500 years.  I hope to be able to incorporate this modality into my readings to make them more accurate and poignant.
Your name is made up of numbers.  Your date of birth is also very significant with your life path.  Once we have a better understanding of what these numbers mean, we have insights into who we are, why we are here, what we are made up of and what the future holds for us.  We can discover our abilities, special talents and skills, identify peak moments in our lives, overcome challenges and determine our destiny.
Timing is very significant once you know your numerology and your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy in connection with past life and life purpose influences.
I am very excited to learn all about this both to “know thyself” as Plato once said, but also to start applying it with my clients.