Your Soul Path & Personality Archetypes in The Tarot

The tarot is complex once you start studying it.  It incorporates many sources, including astrology, the kaballah and numerology to name but a few.  The number of each card has significant importance, i.e. the fives are all about change and the nines show it’s time for a reassessment.  Aces are new beginnings and tens are the end of a cycle.

To work out your personality (what you have to learn this lifetime) add the numbers in your date of birth together, i.e:
My birth date: 10th February 1972
10 + 02 + 1972 = 1984
1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 22
So my card (22) is ‘The Fool’ in the Tarot.  

Now you can think about what lessons you have learnt from your archetype.  ‘The Fool’ lessons I have learned so far:-

1. To journey to new and unchartered territories by emmigrating to Australia from England.
2. To plunge into new experiences, develop myself and be open to adventure by world travel, contracting, working at events, exhibitions and markets. 
3. Taking a ‘leap of faith’ and trusting success by starting new business and having children. 
4. Living a carefree life, not worrying about tomorrow: my party hard years when I had no responsibilities and a disposable income!
5. Following my heart no matter how impulsive by choosing spiritual, new age jobs which go against the grain with most of my traditional or scientific friends and family.
6. Having courage and taking risks.  In the early 2000’s I went backpacking on my own.  Also, as a teenager, I tested the boundaries as I became an independent adult.  This was risky at times but I approached it with a child-like innocence and a blind faith that all would be OK.
If your personality number is only one digit, your personality is the same as your soul path.  If there are two numbers, add them together to work out your soul path.  This path the spiritual essence you lead in all lifetimes, your inner wisdom and teacher, i.e:

My numbers are  2 + 2 = 4, so my card is 4 and the Emporer. 
A soul path of ‘The Emporer’ means you are a natural born leader.  Psychologists believe some people are born with a “business gene” that gives them a curious personality and entrepreneurial spirit.  These people are risk takers, but if they grow up in the wrong environment it can lead them into some dangerous situations.  Imagine having that spirit if you were living in a criminal underworld.  Look out, here comes trouble!
Emporer souls have a controlling ability, they are decisive and authoritative. They instinctively know how to get to the top. 
Emporers live according to the rules, but also like making their own rules. They aren’t afraid to make decisions for others, who may respect them for it and allow it. They can be defensive of their territory.
Emporers have to learn to control their temper and respect others’ opinions.  They also need to learn to be disciplined.  Someone once told me that people on the Emporer soul path have the hardest time, but I put it down to being the toughest!
Once you know which soul path you are on, spend some time looking at your soul card, noticing how you feel and react to this card.
The Emporer from the Tarot Iluminati


The Emporer from the Tarot Iluminati