Creating a Personal Wishlist

In 2007 I read a book called ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, which is about the law of attraction and how positive thinking can change your life for the better.
‘The Secret’ has advice from entrepreneurs, millionaires, famous stars and other successful or happy people.  It reveals their insights into achieving health, wealth and happiness on an adundant scale.  Bring it on I thought!
One of the exercises in the book was to create a vision board, which is like a personal wish list.  It’s a board on which you paste a collage of words, pictures, newspaper cuttings and anything else you want to bring into your life.  The idea is to surround yourself with all these life changing images, to start manifesting them.  A lot of it is about focus.
Without having much to lose, I began to tear pictures out of magazines or print words off the internet.  There were random items like ‘having some sort of social life’ to a picture of a woman sitting at a candlelit table reading the cards.  At the time, I wasn’t doing many readings at all as I had just moved house and had a small baby with another on the way.  Would you believe it, the SAME day, I got a call from someone asking me to do 10 readings for a hen party!  I nearly dropped the telephone.
When I look at this vision board today, I realise I have manifested every single wish (except one, but I’m working on it) and my social life is alive and kicking!
If you ever feel stuck in a rutt or find yourself wishing for life to be different, why not try this exercise?  Here’s how to make the magical, mystery vision board:-
  • Go through magazines, pictures or the internet cutting out any images, words, phrases or photos that are appealing or attractive, no matter how impossible it seems.


  • Arrange the pictures and words on a board.  If you feel like being creative add as much colour or extra glitz as you like.  The more pleasing to the eye the board is, the better as you will be looking at it regularly.



  • Put the board somewhere you will see it a lot, like the office, bathroom wall or fridge door.



  • Every time you catch of glimpse of the board, visualize having all these things in your life and imagine how good it feels.



Most importantly, if you get an opportunity to do one of the wishes on your vision board, accept it gratefully and do it!  Don’t put it off as this will block the abundance coming your way.
And P.S. be careful what you wish for, because it might well happen!